Champion Paving stays ahead of the competition by remembering what matters most: Our Satisfied Clients

Champion Paving Inc. provides the highest caliber of paving services for Orange County and surrounding areas. We ensure all of our work is completed in a prompt, dependable and superior manner, allowing our customers to enjoy an unrivaled quality of work. Over the last 7 years we have continued to grow and develop, expanding our clientele, increasing our labor force, and experiencing a continued rise in revenue. We specialize in all areas of new asphalt CONSTRUCTION, including ASPHALT repairs (Grade & Pave),        petromat, concrete & ADA Improvements, seal coat and lot striping. With extensive experience in the paving industry and the unmatched dedication of our team, our clients can always be assured that the services provided will be of the highest mark. Contact us today to discuss your paving or construction needs!

Our Services

Striping Services


After your lot or roadway is paved and looking its best it's important to have a striping team that knows what they're doing. Champion Paving's in-house striping crew has decades of experience, understanding the logistics of parking lots and traffic ways, as well as ADA specifications. If your lot is starting to fade, it might be time to call the professionals at Champion.


Seal Coating

No pavement work is immune to the damaging effects of every day exposure. Traffic, weather and petroleum products wear down asphalt over time and only through proper maintenance will your pavement last like it's supposed to. Seal coating is part of that maintenance and acts as a protective barrier between damaging elements and important base materials. To make sure your pavement is protected, contact us about seal coat options.


New Asphalt Construction & Asphalt Repair

Champion specializes in new asphalt construction including grading and paving. We contract jobs of all sizes, from stadiums and shopping centers to smaller industrial lots and residential areas. We own all of our own equipment and have the expertise to handle any project. We also are dedicated to reviving old asphalt, returning worn out, cracked lots to their original glory. If you are looking to bring life back to your pavement and want the job done right, contact Champion paving today and we'll find the best solution for your asphalt needs.

Concrete & ADA Improvements


Another major part of what Champion does is concrete work and ADA specific construction. Our concrete specialists understand the scoping and technical requirements of the new Americans with Disabilities Act, which mandates places of business have certified ADA curbs and walkways. If your business or property is looking to renovate, it might be time to think about updating your existing concrete work to meet ADA approved standards.

Petromat/Fabric Overlay


Petromat extends the life of new asphalt pavements and overlays by acting as a barrier to prevent water infiltration from the road surface into the base course. It also acts as a stress-absorber to reduce reflective and fatigue cracking. This non-woven fabric is field saturated with an asphalt cement tack coat allowing it to create a continuous moisture barrier. See if a fabric overly is suited for your project by calling the experts at Champion Paving.